Welcome to Cerber

Dedicated tool for pest control providers

Why use Cerber

Cost savings

Electronic collection and processing of device data reduces the costs of monitoring and allows you to optimise the workload of the team.

Dedicated solution

Our product is the only one on the market created especially for pest control companies.

Professional technical support

When you choose our application, you won''t have to worry about technical support, we guarantee professional service.

Easy and user friendly

The package is designed to ensure easy and fast operation and a good user experience.

Web application

For the management

The web version of the Cerber application will enable the management of your business to easily allocate work to staff members, manage customers, control device monitoring, automatically generate reports, statistics and summary presentations of data as well as organise and manage other data, for example certificates.

For the customers

Your customers will be able to see the list of the devices installed at their sites, as well as reports, statistics and other documents. They will be also able to easily report a need for a technician to attend to a device, and the system will automatically allocate to the appropriate staff member.

Mobile app

For staff members

Cerber app will allow your staff members to quickly and efficiently monitor, update and set up new pest control devices. A proprietary interface makes it possible to swiftly enter data such as the current state of the device or the amount of rodenticides used. The app will send all data to the headquarters, without a need for paper reports and summaries. The system of QR codes provides a unique identification for each device, elimination a risk of error or omission during monitoring.

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